Ellebogen 100

$106.65 + VAT

The Ellebogen 100 marine engine mount, reference 128377-08351, is used as front mount on the 2GM, 2GMF, 3GM, 3GMF, 3GMD, 3GMDF, 2YM15, 3YM20, 3YM30, 3YM30AE, 2GM20, 2GM20B, 2GM20F, 3GM30, 3GM30B, 3GM30F engines, as starboard mount on 3JH2, 3JH2BE, 3JH2TBE, 3JH2E, 3JH2TE, 3JH3E, 3JH4E, 3JH5E, 3JH5AE, 3JH40 engines, and as front and rear mount on the 2GM20V, 2GM20VE, 2GM20FV, 2GM20FVE, 3GM30V, 3GM30VE, 3GM30FV, 3GM30FVE, 3HM, 3HMF, 3HM35, 3HM35F engines.

  • Indication on rubber: 100
  • Maximum static load: 75 kg

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Mount position on the engine / 128377-08351
Ellebogen 100 marine engine mounts
Engine/ Reference D/Back Port C/Back Starboard B/Front Port A/Front Starboard
2GM / 128377-08351
2GMF / 128377-08351
3GM / 128377-08351
3GMF / 128377-08351
3GMD / 128377-08351
3GMDF / 128377-08351
2YM15 / 128377-08351
3YM20 / 128377-08351
3YM30 / 128377-08351
3YM30AE / 128377-08351
2GM20 / 128377-08351
2GM20B / 128377-08351
2GM20F / 128377-08351
3GM30 / 128377-08351
3GM30B / 128377-08351
3GM30F / 128377-08351
2GM20V / 128377-08351
2GM20VE / 128377-08351
2GM20FV / 128377-08351
2GM20FVE / 128377-08351
3GM30V / 128377-08351
3GM30VE / 128377-08351
3GM30FV / 128377-08351
3GM30FVE / 128377-08351
3HM / 128377-08351
3HMF / 128377-08351
3HM35 / 128377-08351
3HM35F / 128377-08351
3JH2 / 128377-08351
3JH2BE / 128377-08351
3JH2TBE / 128377-08351
3JH2E / 128377-08351
3JH2TE / 128377-08351
3JH3E / 128377-08351
3JH4E / 128377-08351
3JH5E / 128377-08351
3JH5AE / 128377-08351
3JH40 / 128377-08351


Wedge locking of the fixation
Nord Lock®

Nord-Lock® has created an innovative wedge locking technology that ensures bolted joints, even when they are exposed to high vibrations and dynamic loads. That’s why it’s impossible for our brackets to accidentally loosen up due to the wedge created under the screw head and nut.

Like a sack mouth knot, this system uses tension instead of friction to ensure anchors with high vibrations and dynamic loads.

Rubber compound with high hysteresis
The highest performance on the market

Manufactured by injection: This improves by 97% the homogeneity of the internal composition of the elastomer.

Top quality screws: Coated with Zinc Nickel Anticorrosive Treatment according to DIN 50962-Fe//Zn- Ni(12)//A which ensures a performance of more than 800h Salt mist.

Anti-corrosive treatment equivalent to a stainless steel: The metal parts are also treated with Zinc Nickel Anticorrosive treatment according to DIN 50962-Fe//Zn- Ni(12)//A (800h Salina Fog Chamber). On which 2 layers of PU (Polyurethane) paint are added to ensure protection equivalent to an Aisi 304 stainless.

Adhesion surface of 90: To optimize adhesion between rubber and metal, we increase the adhesion area reaching 90% of the metal surface. Additionally, we round the molding radiens to reduce stress when the part is under load.

Feel the tranquility

Perfect fit for the best vibration absorption in your marine engine

Absorption of 80% vibrations at idling

Performing activities with the ship stopped, can become an abhorrent task. That’s why our supports guarantee the absorption of 80% of vibrations with the engine idling.

5-year warranty

All our parts use the highest quality components, so if you perform a good maintenance of your boat, we guarantee its perfect condition for 5 years.

Reduces vibrations by 95% while the boat is sailing

Sailing in a motor boat and doing so in total harmony with the sea is possible with our marine supports. They are able to absorb 95% of the vibrations produced by the engine.


The stand has a double PU layer bath, the screw is made of a zinc and nickel alloy. For 800-hour resistance in red corrosion tests in salt mist chamber.

Ellebogen 100
$106.65 + VAT